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Elaine Rowell

Elaine Rowell

Elaine’s keen interest in dance began at an early age. As she progressed through different styles, examinations, competitions, entertained in shows and regularly assisted in classes, it became evident that this was the perfect profession for her.

Elaine studied at the University of Sunderland where she successfully achieved a Bsc(Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Development. This course provided excellent grounding for her role in dance teaching and exercise performance.

Alongside her studies she was encouraged to start her Dance Teacher training. Her passion, drive and commitment led her to being nominated for numerous awards for recognition of work, special potential and ability.

Elaine is a fully registered member of the I.D.T.A. (International Dance Teachers Association) with vast experience in teaching children and adults.

Professional qualifications include: I.D.T.A. Fellowship Freestyle; I.D.T.A. Associate Ballet; and I.D.T.A. Associate Street Dance.

Elaine has worked at many schools, colleges and local community events; she has choreographed for various dance centres; and prepared and trained students for showcases, festivals and examinations.

Elaine is also a fully qualified instructor of Zumba Fitness, Metafit and The Jungle Body. She brings excitement and energy to the dance floor!

Danielle Loughlin

Danielle Loughlin

Danielle’s passion for Dance emerged at an early age when she began to attend local Freestyle Disco classes. She continued these classes and later also began to work her way through the IDTA Examination System in Freestyle as well as Ballet, Tap and Theatre Craft.

At school Danielle studied both GCSE and ALevel Dance; here she was encouraged to undertake further study of Dance at University. She successfully achieved a BA(Hons) Degree in Dance: Choreography at Northumbria University, and it was here that she was introduced to Contemporary Dance and the world of Choreography.

Danielle naturally progressed into teaching, completing her IDTA Associate Teaching exams in Freestyle and Street Dance. She has worked with various Dance Schools, Companies and local Schools, working as a Community Dance Teacher whilst at University and upon graduating received a job as a Dance Co-ordinator and Dance Teacher for a Community Interest Company through the Graduate Programme at Sunderland University. It was here that she was introduced to and became a qualified instructor of Zumba Fitness. She is also a fully qualified instructor of Metafit and The Jungle Body.

Danielle is energetic and enthusiastic and brings passion and motivation to her classes.

Amy Mather

Amy Mather

Amy’s love of dancing has always been apparent, having attended various dance classes from an early age. She began to progress through I.D.T.A Examinations in different styles, including Freestyle, Ballet and Tap. She has also taken part in numerous shows and festivals.

As well as taking exams in dance, Amy started assisting in both dancing and fitness classes, developing a passion for teaching. She continues to do so, and has recently completed her I.D.T.A  Associate Teaching Exam in Freestyle Dance. Amy is also a fully qualified Zumba, Metafit and Pound Fitness instructor. She brings passion and energy to every class.

Alongside her work for Dancefuse, Amy is also a Mathematics Graduate and works full time as a Maths teacher at a local Secondary School.

Rebecca Bell

Rebecca Bell

Rebecca began to attend dance classes aged just three years old and this is where her journey into dance really began.  Rebecca progressed through a range of dance styles in IDTA examinations up to advanced level, assisted in classes and took part in a number of shows and performances.

After leaving school Rebecca was invited back to receive a special recognition award for her contribution to sports, dance and choreography during her time at school.

Rebecca is a fully qualified Zumba and Metafit instructor and brings passion to each and every class she teaches to motivate her participants.

She is currently studying a BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Northumbria University, providing her with a greater understanding of fitness and exercise. Rebecca is also a recently qualified Herbalife independent distributor and senior consultant, helping people achieve life goals, weight loss and healthier lifestyles.

As well as working with DanceFuse, Rebecca is also a dancer, stilt walker, fire artist and angle grinder at a range of events all around the UK allowing her to perform for others; doing what she loves.

Britney Mather

Britney Mather

Britney began to attend ballet lessons at a very young age, and soon became interested in exploring different styles of dance including freestyle, street and contemporary. She then progressed through the IDTA examination system in a range of styles, and has performed in a number of dance shows.

As well as asssisting in dance lessons, Britney also assists in our adult fitness classes and has recently became a qualified KONGA fitness instructor with The Jungle Body, which has enabled her to explore more teaching methods.

Britney has attended dance classes for many years, but more recently, she has been accepted into the University of Sunderland to study for a BA(Hons) degree in Dance. This will allow her to continue learning and developing in a subject she is extremely passionate about.

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“The levels of energy experienced at my weekly fitness classes are out of this world! With my daughter's and I all taking classes, DanceFuse is a real family experience!” Gillian Earl
“Three generations of my family are all enjoying a mixture of your fab classes. The DanceFuse team are all so energetic and vibrant!” Colleen Ritchie
These instructors will give you an amazingly enjoyable workout! Classes have shed stones off me.....cannot recommend enough. Nicola Case